Tap into my 30 years of experience mastering every marketing discipline plus a dizzying talent network to get new campaigns launched and tested in days instead of weeks. 


Fractional CMO
Executive Creative Director
Startup Generalist

Hi, I’m Marc Lefton. 

I’m here to help you avoid the cycle of “random acts of marketing” to plan world-class strategies that are executed brilliantly at the highest standards of creativity. 

Discover how you can leverage my thirty years of experience as an entrepreneurial leader in top NYC ad agencies and startups with a blend of award-winning creativity backed by data and analytics. 

I work with brand-direct growth-stage companies in the $2MM-$100MM range and have experience in highly regulated industries such as HIPAA, Pharma, Spirits, and Financial Services. 




Burned By Big Agencies

The senior team wined, dined, and signed you only to foist your business on enthusiastic interns and sell you services you didn’t really need. As a former agency executive, I know all the agency tricks and can help hold their feet to the fire and even find cause to get you out of a bad contract while putting the internal processes in place to replace them. 

Testing Into Advertising

It’s common in B2B startups for the founding team to drive early sales. When those efforts plateau, the branding and marketing funnels have never been implemented. My fractional CMO services help you get your first leads with account-based marketing, blending immersing key accounts in your brand with a proven lead gen system.

Random Acts of Marketing

When companies move from early-stage to growth-stage, often it’s the founder without internal marketing leadership acting as the hub to a series of random marketing spokes they’re stuck managing at decreasing efficiency. I help founders remember why they started and create go-to-market plans that gets every aspect of marketing and branding on the same page, short and long term.

Lost Your Swagger

Your company is stagnating and needs to have the zip it once had. I help reinvigorate stale brands and marketing departments. From a background as an award-winning creative director who can teach your team to think more creatively to being an experienced improv teacher who knows how to build trust and teamwork, we’ll get that pep back in the brand’s step together. 


Your marketing team needs a leader with a visionary plan — as your fractional CMO I’ll get everyone on the same page with goals, KPIs, standards and best practices without the need for an expensive full time commitment. 

  • Marketing Audits

    Discover what's not working and double down on your winners.

  • Go-To-Market Strategies

    Get a comprehensive two-track strategy of short term wins and long term vision, backed by research and infused with details.

  • Brand Reinvigoration

    Remember why you started and dig deep into the core DNA of your company to deliver communications that inspires your team and customers.

  • Media Planning and Buying

    A full-fledged media strategy including social ads, programmatic media, and traditional buys.

  • Team & Partner Development

    Fill out your internal capabilities and external partnerships with talent and vendors that will push your marketing to the next level.

Expand your brand’s vision and raise your standards with an international award winning creative director who has worked at the highest levels of NYC advertising agencies on brands like Coke, Anheuser-Busch, Samsung, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and more. Better yet, I also teach creativity to internal teams in a way that demystifies the creative process so anyone can learn how to deliver breakthrough ideas consistently. 

  • Brand Planning

    Dive into what makes your brand tick and explore how it shows up in every form of communications.

  • Brand Standards

    Create a manual for everything from how to use your logo to bringing your unique voice to life.

  • Creative Development

    When we've optimized your campaign targeting and funnel to the max, the only thing left to improve is creativity. Use this lost art to drive conversations about your brand in every form of media.

  • Brand Storytelling

    The campaign is dead. Storytelling syncs the best message at the perfect time to build your brand's story a chapter at a time.

My versatility as a former agency leader/owner covering all disciplines of marketing means I’ve been the indispensable right hand to Founder/CEOs who can’t afford the slowness of being the hub between multiple small roles in the early stages. You don’t need more players in the beginning, just better ones. 

  • Investor Pitch Decks

    I've been in dozens of pitch meetings and helped raise over $100MM for startups. I know what investors are looking for, and can craft your perfect pitch that's compelling and a work of art.

  • Two Track Planning

    Get a startup launch plan that covers both your current financial reality and how to scale once substantially more funds come in.

  • Product / Market Fit

    Have a point person to lead a research team to get you insights in qual/quant and UI/UX to ensure your idea has traction.